If you follow Jerrod Blandino on social media, you’ve probably seen his white-and-tan Chihuahua, Clover. He loves the little dog so much that a Too Faced Clover Palette is in the works. Sure, Blandino,Too Faced’s co-founder and chief creative officer, already created emojis that look like Clover in the Sweet Peach Emoji app and a glittery makeup bag with the dog’s face on it for the KVD collab, but a full palette based on his furry friend is the ultimate gesture of Clover love. (Excepting, maybe, endless food, treats, walks, trips to Hawaii, and snuggles.)

After teasing the inside of the upcoming Natural Love Palette on Instagram, he popped over to an Instagram Live to drop hints about yet another palette for 2017. The infamous makeup news account Trendmood was swatching the new Too Faced Sweet Peach collection when Bladino, who created the sweet-scented products, randomly commented that he’s doing a Clover, animal-themed palette soon and also sent through a bunch of dog emojis. (Just in case those who were watching didn’t know about his beloved little nugget.) With the recent news that the company is committed to staying cruelty-free—even though Estée Lauder just bought them out—an animal-themed palette is fitting for the future of Too Faced.

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People watching the Instagram Live were quick to take screenshots of Blandino’s surprise announcement.

As someone who smiles at more dogs I pass than people while walking down the street, my excitement for the Too Faced Clover Palette is so real. Sure, my heart skipped a beat or two last night when I saw all 30 of the eyeshadow shades that will be in the Natural Love Palette, but dogs are the ultimate way to really win me over. No other details have been revealed about the Clover-themed palette—like whether it will be lip products, shadows, highlighters, or bronzers—but I recommend following Blandino and his trusty sidekick Clover (@clovertheexplorer) on Instagram to stay in the know (or to just look at adorable pictures of the pup.)

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