As beauty editors, we have access to legit any product on the market, but sometimes, we still very much appreciate the classics. Take, for example, Vaseline—and the myriad of accompanying Vaseline beauty hacks that go along with the unassuming jelly. The iconic drugstore staple, which has been around for more than 150 years (unbelievable, right?!), is truly a multi-purpose miracle salve that does just about everything you’d want in a cream (think: soothes chapped lips, hydrates skin, heals burns, etc.). But did you know that the petroleum jelly can actually be used to perform a slew of other beauty tricks? We’re talking easy-peasy ways to remove messy raccoon eyes, to mix your own lip shade, and to highlight your cheekbones (just like our cover star Zendaya!). But because the list of DIY tricks goes on and on and on, we’ve narrowed it down to the top ten. Here, we’ve highlighted our favorite Vaseline beauty hacks found on Pinterest. (Oh and a quick reminder, here’s our review of the original.)

And although we capped this list of Vaseline beauty hacks at an even ten, there’s no guessing as to how many ways you can easily incorporate the multitasking salve into your daily routine. If you’re in the market for more DIY tricks, try Pinterest directly—but be warned: Just a few clicks can easily take you into a deep Pinning hole, which may or may not ultimately lead you to a building board filled with adorably decorated Valentine’s Day treats. (But, if we’re being honest, that doesn’t sound that bad, now does it?)

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