If you’re into mood rings, you’re about to have a moment: Flirt Cosmetics has announced a line of magical color-changing lipsticks, the Flirt Cosmetics Lip pHetish Lipsticks. The collection might look more avant-garde than your average lipstick (not that we don’t love a super-bold lipstick), but when applied to skin, each out-there color turns into a pretty shade that’s similar to what you’d see in most other tubes.

While there are only three shades, Flirt Cosmetics (a brand within the Estée Lauder Companies family, along the ranks of everyone from Too Faced and M.A.C. to Origins and La Mer) ensured each of the color-changing lipsticks would work universally on all skin tones. The yellow hue, “On pHire,” turns into in a flattering, perfect-for-summer peach; the green, “Super pHresh,” gives you the freshest flush of pink; and the dark blue, aptly named “High pHever,” transforms into shades of purple—not unlike the burgundy lipstick trend we’re currently obsessing over. If you’re wondering how it works, “The formula is packed with a colorful blend of pigments that are activated by the pH found in the moisture of your lips,” according to Flirt Cosmetics. (You can read all about the science of color-changing lipsticks here, BTW.)

While the Lip pHetish Lipsticks are freakin’ awesome (seriously, how stunning are both the trick colors and the real colors?), color-changing lipsticks have been around for a while and really harken back to the Cher Horowtiz, mood ring-wearing days of the 1990’s. But as we know, ’90s beauty is back—hard. Take, for example, Urban Decay recently re-released collection of lipstick and nail polish shades from 1996. And just yesterday we caught wind that Glamour Dolls Makeup will be whipping up a Lisa Frank-inspired line to pair with your TrapperKeeper, naturally.

The color-changing Lip pHetish Lipsticks will be available on the Flirt Cosmetics website for $18, starting today. Customizable color has never looked so good.

Courtesy of brand

Courtesy of brand

Courtesy of brand

Speaking of science, here’s what you need to know about the science of wrinkles:

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