The liner I used this morning (and you probably did, too) to draw on winged liner is about to come in a new finish. The tattoo artist behind the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner announced on Instagram yesterday that she is working on a super-matte form of the cult-favorite liquid liner. In the caption, Kat Von D wrote, “Been testing new @katvondbeauty formulations for a bullet-proof, long wear, super-matte version of #TattooLiner. [yup, the only animal we test on is me] #comingsoon #getready #whenindoubtwingitout #crueltyfreebeauty #vegan.”

The current version of the Tattoo Liner is a personal favorite of mine because the brush applicator makes my wings sharper than any other liquid liner I’ve used. (The Ink Liner’s felt tip is awesome, too. But, I think the brush is easier to use, though.) Also, with some liners, you have to repeatedly go over the same area to make a deep black line. That’s not the case with the Tattoo Liner. The formula is so pigmented that I can create an opaque wing with one pass along my lash line. And true to its name, it stays put. While it’s not permanent like the rose tattoo on my arm, the liner stays all day long without smudging. With the new super-matte formulation, that staying power is just going to get better. I’ll have to test it out its bulletproof strength by going to a hot yoga class or watching a Nicholas Sparks movie. (Hopefully the new Studded Kiss formula will be released around the same time, so I can experiment with both at the same time.)

I’m interested to see what the super-matte finish is all about, too. The Tattoo Liner is already pretty matte, but the picture Von D posted makes the new liner appear to be an actual tattoo. It’s that matte and skin-like. She hasn’t announced when the new Kat Von D Tattoo Liner will be out, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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