While some people want to know what celebrities and models use on their skin, I’ve always been more curious to get inside the bathroom vanities of dermatologists (what can I say, I’m a beauty geek). Just think about it: It’s the derms that are telling the A-listers what to use on their faces in the first place!

These skincare professionals have access to the newest product innovations and scientific research, so they know when a serum or cream is truly groundbreaking or total BS. Oftentimes, dermatologists carry their favorite brands in office to share with their patients. But the real test in efficacy is if the product makes it into their daily skincare routine. I mean, when your business is skincare, your face is kind of like a walking billboard.

We polled a panel of RealSelf dermatologists to find out which products they use on a daily basis. Hint: Sunscreen is the first thing on everyone’s list because it’s the best antiaging product around. Ahead, you’ll find a few well-known drugstore favorites. There are also brands you’ve likely never heard of. Warning: You’ll want to buy everything here because if it’s good enough for a doctor, it’s gonna totally blow your mind.

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