Tips to Make Your Eyebrows Appear Fuller

Gone were the days when skinny brows were in vogue, nowadays, they actually look weird, and a bold and full eyebrow is the new trend. If you were a victim of the past brow trends, the good news is that there are different ways to make amends and make your eyebrows appear fuller.

The eyebrow is one of the most attractive features of the face and it has a way of drawing people’s attention to you. Most times, it is the first thing people notice on your face. This is why many people take quality time to ensure their eyebrows are perfect before stepping out. Read on to discover ways to recover your lost brows.

Causes of thin eyebrows

Not everyone is blessed with naturally full brows. However, certain factors may contribute to the loss of eyebrows. In case you’re wondering why your eyebrows are not full, below are some of the common reasons:

  • Over-waxing Your Brows

Due to the old trend of pencil-thin eyebrows, many people over-waxed their brows. Unfortunately, some of these brows are still suffering from the effect. Waxing is the process of removing hair from the root, and while some had their hair back after a long period, some never did.

  • Poor Nutrition

An unbalanced and poor diet could be the reason for your thin brows. The brows need vital nutrients to grow. If your diet lacks nutrients such as lean proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, and vegetables, you may experience thin eyebrows. 

  • Hypothyroidism

Loss or thinning of hair is one of the most common symptoms of hypothyroidism. If you didn’t wax your brows and you suddenly discover they are falling out, then it may be a result of hypothyroidism. Other symptoms of hypothyroidism may include, weight gain, weakness, and mood swings.

  • Aging

The hormone that stimulates the eyebrows to grow (prostaglandin) decreases its production as we age. This is more common among women in their late fifties. As a result of the decrease in prostaglandin production, the eyebrows may also change color, or become rough.

  • Prescription Medication

In some cases, prescribed drugs could lead to loss of eyebrows. Some of the drugs used for high cholesterol, inflammation, acne, or depression have hair loss as a side effect. You can read the drug leaflet to confirm this or ask your physician for alternative drugs.

Importance of a Full Eyebrow

The importance of having full eyebrows cannot be overemphasized. It accentuates your face and makes you feel more confident. This is why many are desperate to give all it takes to get full brows, or at least, make them appear full. The importance of full eyebrows is discussed below:

  • They make you look younger

No one wants to look older than their age, this is why anti-aging products sell fast. However, well-carved brows are one of the cheapest anti-aging secrets. A full eyebrow lifts your face and gives you a more youthful appearance.

  • They modify your face shape

Changing the appearance of your eyebrow can make a huge difference in altering the shape of your face. Each brow shape has a unique way of giving your face a different shape. A flat eyebrow shape for example, can make the face shorter and more balanced.

  • They enhance your appearance

Everyone wants to be able to go out freely with their natural beauty, but you can’t achieve this with a thin eyebrow. With or without makeup, a full and well-carved brow makes you look more refined. They enhance your appearance and make you look more attractive.

  • They are signs of good health

Sometimes, your eyebrows help you confirm your health is in a good condition. Extreme reduction in your eyebrows makes you concerned about your health and is a sign you need to visit a physician.

Tips to Make Your Eyebrows Appear Fuller

Having full eyebrows does not happen by magic, it requires consistent and intentional efforts. Below are some tips to make your eyebrows appear fuller and more beautiful.

  • Consult Your Doctor

Sometimes, a medical condition is responsible for your thin eyebrows. Instead of applying different products, it’s better to consult a specialist for professional advice. In case of a medical condition, your doctor can also recommend useful medications.

  • Give your eyebrows a good massage

Your brows need a good circulation of blood to enable them to grow healthy hair and massaging consistently at night is one of the things that aids blood circulation to them. Constant blood circulation to your eyebrows helps to promote their growth.

  • Trim your eyebrows

Trimming out the long ends of your brows can help to make them grow. However, you can make them appear fuller before new hair grows. This is done by filling in with a pencil or cream that matches your brow color. Be careful not to make your ends too short while trimming.

  • Drink water

Drinking water regularly keeps your body hydrated and gives you the healthy skin that is needed for hair growth. It also removes foreign and harmful substances that can hinder proper hair growth. Asides from drinking water, using moisturizers regularly on the brow area makes your brows appear full.

  • Apply a serum

If you’ve tried other methods with no improvement, consider applying a serum. Serum enhances new hair growth by stimulating the hair follicle. The regular use of a good serum containing ingredients like cucumber, licorice, chamomile, and white tea, enhances the growth of your brows.

  • Use DIY tips

Apart from the tips above, you can also grow your brows with the use of DIYs. These are natural home remedies that have been used to enhance hair growth. Some of these DIY tips are stated below

  1. You can grow your brows by using onion juice. Blend the onion and extract its juice. Apply the onion juice on your brows with cotton wools and leave it for about 30 minutes before cleaning with cold water.
  2.  A mixture of argan oil, vitamin E capsule, aloe vera, and castor oil can also improve your brow growth. Mix and stir the ingredients together and apply to your brows using cotton wools.
  3. A mixture of garlic, coconut oil, castor oil, and tea tree also enhances hair growth. Blend these ingredients and apply to your face.

Growing back your eyebrows to be thick and full can take a lot of time. You need to be patient to see results, as they don’t happen overnight. However, some of the tips above will give your eyebrows a fuller appearance, until they grow naturally. 

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